Natural Cure for the Flu

Hello! It is now Flu season. Everyone has been encouraged to get the Flu shot. Well I am a sceptical. I have a problem with my lungs and would rather not introduce them to even a small of the Flu. I believe God has healed my lungs. I decided to look for a natural remedy.
I found one! I am not a doctor and you can find a lot of false information on the internet.
But since it was a natural ingredient I said why not give it a try.
The remedy was every day baking soda!
The explanation was if you keep your body at a PH of 8.5 you will not catch the flu.
I began the experiment.
Start with half of teaspoon 6 times the first day, then the second day 4 times, then 2 times then one half teaspoon a day until you are well.
The first day I felt immediate results. It's not a pretty image but the phlegm literally just came up. I'd had a cough for a couple of months. But that is one of the symptoms of the lung issue.
I can't really tell if I have a cold or Flu unless there are other symptoms.
Well everything was going really well. I thought I might continue the half teaspoon a day.
But then when I went for my 6 month dental checkup my blood pressure was higher than normal.
It was dangerous but I have always had excellent readings!
As I discussed my concerns with my daughter we brainstormed several possible causes that could create an inaccurate reading. Like Crossing your legs, placing the cup over clothes, talking while testing, and you get the picture. But then my daughter mentioned salt. We were going to rule that out because I do not add extra salt to my food.
Then I thought about the baking soda, sodium bicarbonate.
Well long story short I decided to stop taking the baking soda, rinse my system and then take the test again.
This week I have drank lots of water and on Sunday our wellness team will have their quarterly screening and I will check it again.
My test was not conclusive and may have caused another issue but over all I am glad I tried it.
Remember I am not a doctor so check with your doctor before trying anything you may regret.
Saying goodnight for now. I pray you stay healthy, stay happy, and live a prosperous life.


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