About Us

About Family

Our Approach


Who are we?
We are the blood, the light, the glue.
We go back in time and into the future,
A union which cannot be severed,
Bound by our common heritage.
In case you haven’t guessed,
We are Family.

Our Story

Our Story

We are family,
We each have a role,
We support each other,
We are attached by blood,
We are not secret, but open,
We break bread together,
We enjoy each other,
We pray together,
We are children,
We are siblings,
We are parents,
We laugh,
We play,
We love.

Meet Our Members

Below are our core family members responsible for this site:

Henry L. Thomas

Founder & CEO

Patricia Thomas

Information Technology POC

Alma Bates

Vice President

Hattie Brown

Public Relations

Larry Thomas